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Slitaz for Students
  • Dark_ViperDark_Viper October 2010
    Hello, I'm starting this discussion to see if any wants to help start a light_slitaz student movement for compiling programs of this category and other stuff like that. Also to get input from the people and see what they would like in such a distro. Some beginning ideas for college_light are:

    1. A base system with:
    xvesa, iptables [firewall], get-flash-plugin, abiword [word processor], gnumeric [spreadsheet], epdfview [until evince is finished], pidgin [chat client], sylpheed [e-mail maneger] =>
    -> alsa [music player], vlc [movie player], transmission [torrent downloader], consonance [music maneger], and maybe urlgfe [download maneger].
    Though as you may notice ARES downloader can do from -> on, i consider that some should do a slitaz mod of ares in order to add the best fetures of ->, and eliminate the web browser, add secure (encrypted) file transfer among users, etc. Also optimize for making an official .tazpkg.

    2. Adding software like:
    -geda and electonic simulatores
    -kalzium (with out the 3D) [I know about gperiodic and chemtool, but they dont resolve chemic equc.]
    -a light flow diagram maker [dia is a very powerful but has to many things most people wont use],
    -A light 2D graphing calculator that can resolve matrices like derive.
    -A light power point replacement [not sure if scribus is light or any good for presentations haven't tested].

    3. Choose a line of computers (netbooks = asus, acer,what ever) to be the default used machines for high school and/or college students with slitaz so that we may add complete support and optimization.

    4. As for games, slitaz has a few and even emulators. For more emu's visit .

    Comments, suggestions?
    Anything missing or not a good idea?
  • bellardbellard October 2010
    Try to build a new flavor.

    Your ISO image will be easier to upgrade (and update too...)
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    Maybe use Claws Mail for e-mail because with the right plugin it can render HTML and CSS beautifully, which sylpheed just can't deal with, but you have to download the addons and manually enable it though...

    Or better yet, maybe consider Seamonkey. It's Firefox and Thunderbird in one. It also comes with the IRC extension and if you add DownloadThemAll! You'll also have a download manager/accelator. So it would be a Web browser, E-mail client, Feed Reader, IRC Client and Download Manager all in one, all for like 13MB of space.

    EDIT: Hmmm, seems it even comes with a Website Design program built in ^.^
  • Dark_ViperDark_Viper October 2010
    Thanks you two.
    bellard: I'll try that once i get my system up and running.
    Trixar_za: Looked into seamonkey and the features are great for reducing mem used and fits into the projects purpose. The browser does look a little bloated but i suppose you can customize layout.

    How about ares mod are selecting a computer (if there is not a good one already supported) for dev, any one intrested?.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    @Dark_Viper - Yeah, the downside of seamonkey is that it has a little bloat because of it's firefox and thunderbird origins. Otherwise it gets the job done. Many smaller Linuxes try adding it as one of their default options because of it's small size (compared to installing all of them seperately) and multi-functionality.

    As for ares... I only really used it with my IRCd if I remember correctly. Never considered it's usages beyond that that to be honest.
  • ChristopheChristophe October 2010
    The system you describe is very close to what i have done here for myself. Except, i sort of gave up using abiword for word processing. Its compatibility with word is really too low. Could be not be enough for me for anything else than browsing an existing doc file.
  • Dark_ViperDark_Viper October 2010
    Sorry Trixar_za, what ares are you taking about? I meant Ares Galaxy ( the windows p2p program with all the above mentioned features. Furthermore I continued investigating on the issue and found Apollon a gIFT gui that's looks pretty light and is only missing the file manager (and I don't know it's media capabilities)
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za October 2010
    Sorry, I was confusing it for the network library that is used by some Internet Relay Chat networks. Not to sure about p2p programs, but I do remember a limewire client being added to cooking a little while ago.
  • ms3811ms3811 November 2010
    Btw, not particularly relevant to this conversation, but I think Limewire was recently shutdown.

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