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abiword dictionaries
  • trvltrvl September 2010
    I use Slitaz on my Asus Eee.
    I just installed Abiword, and am wondering if it is possible to install non-english dictionaries, such as Danish?

    Thank you
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za September 2010
    If you installed the glibc_locale, libsexy and gtkspell packages, you should be able to set it @ Tools--->Set Language in your Abiword. I'm not exactly sure if this will work exactly like that for you, because I use the slightly newer version I got @ (base and plugin), but that should allow you to set the language to what you want.
  • trvltrvl September 2010
    Okay, installed all the packages you mentioned, and upgraded to your version of Abiword. Spellchecking is still not working.

    Abiword is always so tricky on the small OS’s, not a new problem for me.
    I can do without spellchecking, although it is a little irritating.
  • LineaLinea September 2010
    Hi trvl

    You need the danish aspell dictionary:

    I'll try and create a package for you over the weekend.

  • DarjeelingDarjeeling September 2010
    Excellent. Thanks for this, Linea. Although the Danish dictionary isn't for me it gave me the idea to install the French aspell dictionary from the repository, which works well in AbiWord. I wonder why I hadn't thought of that before ...
  • trvltrvl September 2010
    Thank you Linea. It works. Really apreciate it.

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