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Got many 1.44mB floppies!!, can I install version 3, in my old laptop?, how?
  • gychanggychang April 2010
    I have 560Z thinkpad, PII 288MHz, 98MB RAM, have external floppy and USB (no boot option from USB on Bios). I have bootable floppy disc driver!. After trying to get the floppy boot and USB to load, I couldn't get it working. (likely not doing something right). I took out the HD and put in another modern thinkpad and installed the version 3 to HD and reinstall the HD to 560Z and again does not work.

    Now I gathered the all the floppies and ready to install the version 3 (likely loram version), and hopefully install to HD on 560Z. Can someone give me directions on how to do this? I won't have ethernet connection so likely have to have a light web browser in the floppy.


  • slicelslicel April 2010
    I suggested a floppy version on the old forum and it looks like someone made it (nicely with 3 flavors for each version) but it is somewhat buried in the website and easy to miss-

    Installing on a hd moved from another computer and then moving it back should work, except that it would be easiest not to boot it until back in the original computer so the video and sound drivers match the hardware.

    Some people skip the first 2 steps or skip 3 of 4 steps-

    1. Make partition*
    2. Format partition to ext3 (ext2 usually not recommended)*
    3. Install to partition
    4. Install bootloader (grub, lilo, etc.)*

    * Necessary if they do not already exist

  • kultexkultex April 2010
    There is not much information about the 560Z - the best one:

    As I already told you, I recomand you to use JustX - justx needs 96M of RAM and 11 floppies: fd001.img to fd105.img - so SliTaz will boot on the 560Z

    But looking on the Slackware doku, perhaps its better to use a 2.4 Kernel on the 560Z - damn small linux 4.4.10 has still 2.4.31 Kernel

  • gychanggychang April 2010
    slicel and kultex, thanks very much, will try this weekend. It is a challenge and I appreciate all the help.

  • gychanggychang April 2010
    Under xp machine, using rawwrite, I am having difficulty trying to copy 11 .img files.

    It seems like it is copying the .img file, but when I try to open up the floppy (a:\) states the file is unreadable and wants for format it again... Help.

  • claudineiclaudinei April 2010
    Hi @gychang,

    It may nothing wrong with your floppy, since windows doesn't reads by default linux filesystems (contained on the img files), it will try to format the floppy with fat, so don't format it using windows.

    Just try to boot your machine using the floppy where you copied the first img file.
  • gychanggychang April 2010
    thanks claudinei, I appreciate the input, so I will assume the floppy copied the files.


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