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Solved : Mailing List subscription?
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    Hi --

    I tried to subscribe to the mailing list a couple of months ago, which I thought was successful. I look at he tuxengine page today to find hundreds of messages that haven't been delivered!

    Could someone check my address in on the subscribers list please? It should be the same one as in my profile.

    Many thanks.
  • seawolfseawolf April 2010
    I'm still on receiving any mails. :(

    I've subscribed, even had a message saying I'm already subscribed.
    Can someone check please? My e is at, iamseawolf.

    Many thanks :)
  • panksopankso April 2010
    Hi seawolf,

    Sorry for the delay. Your status was: Waiting for confirmation.

    Maybe you never received confirmation after registration, no mater you are now with a "Subscribed" status and should receive the mailing messages.

    - Christophe
  • seawolfseawolf April 2010
    Thanks, Christophe; the confirmation must have gone to Spam but I could've sworn I was sub'ed proper... oh well, thanks!
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