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Forum subdivision needed!
  • ouioui March 2010

    I find it would be better to begin a new forum subdivision for SliTaz Linux 3.0 instead to mix old problems and new expects together!

    What is you opinion about that.

    I would propose to rename the actual subdivision "English-general" into "English-old versions" and to create a new subdivision "English-general" for SliTaz Linux 3.0.


  • RuppRupp March 2010
    No because a lot of the problems are the same across the board. There are a lot of different Puppy Linux versions and the problems could be found on anyone. To a newbie they may think that none of the "old version" questions apply to them.

  • DennisDennis March 2010
    Could we have subforums for different topics anyway? For example: General, Packages, Networking, Installing, etc. ?
  • davesurreydavesurrey March 2010
    I agree we need some sort of better way of ordering the subjects here. Now that the pressure of releasing v3.0 is off a little (yes, I know there will be a lot of bugs and configuration issues to sort out) perhaps some attention could be paid to the forum structure.

    Already it's a problem separating out v3.0 specific stuff from the rest.

    I really believe that the success of a small distro can be affected by the quality of its support structure and this forum is central to that.


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