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Midori - flash and other problems
  • monzmonz March 2010
    I was going to post this comment in an old thread:

    but decided that it really belonged as the starting point for a new discussion, so that the title focuses on Midori.

    I got disgusted with the huge size of Firefox a long time ago, and could never understand why SliTaz (which is otherwise so small and lightweight) had been holding on to it.

    I've been a fan of Opera for a long time, and have replaced Firefox with Opera in all of my SliTaz installations (I have 10 of them). But Opera, while very fast, is also getting larger and more complex all the time, and i don't use most of the newer "features". I also cannot use Opera to access some important websites, such as my bank ... which is a drag, because i have to go back to Firefox for that.

    I also install Links and Retawq on all of my SliTaz systems, so as to have the _really_ lightweight browsers available for the sites on which they will work. I was at first glad to see the switch to Netsurf a few months ago, but there were a few problems with Netsurf and i noticed that it didn't last long as the default SliTaz browser.

    I am much happier with Midori, and very glad to see the switch to Midori as the default browser.
    But I also have a few strange issues with Midori.

    I see from online forums both here at SliTaz and at other distros that many people have had problems getting flash to work in Midori. For me, the audio works fine, but the video only works after i toggle the status toolbar on or off. After that the video is ok, and then if i try to view another webpage that uses flash, i have to toggle the status toolbar again to get that video.

    And the biggest problem i have with Midori is that the SliTaz forum login page does not accept my login when i try to do it using Midori. Guys, you really have to fix this! Your distro can't have a default browser which will not let forum members log in to your distro's own forum!
  • huevoteshuevotes March 2010
    Slitaz 3.0 on pentium 4, 2 core, 2gb memory

    At first I thought midori was a pretty cool, light browser, BUT, I noticed that it was using way to much resources. To the point that not only would it stall, but it would stall the rest of the programs that were running. On one site( site), where I was trying to download a driver for another computer, some of the download links just wouldn't work at all. For now, I think midori SUCKS.

    I decided to uninstall it and I installed firefox instead. It doesn't max out my computer's resources, and I am much happier.

    I don't know why midori stalls on my computer, it's not like i'm low on ram or processor power. I think firefox should be the default browser, who cares if the iso grows a few megs, what good is having crippled browser like midori.
  • kultexkultex March 2010
    I think SliTaz should work also on lowram computers and I tested all the browsers on my Futro A210, which has 89 Mb-Ram left to work. I personally preferred Aurora, but because of qt it is not in SliTaz. Firefox only starts on the Futro, but I cannot work with it - Midori works much better than NetSurf, which was proposed before.
    So I think that midori was the right decision - and if you have more rams, its easy to install firefox and uninstall midori (better than the other way round)
  • davesurreydavesurrey March 2010
    Based admitedly on just a brief look/use of Midori I have to say I'd prefer FF.
    However I'll give it a try.
    Does anyone know how I can change the positions of the 9 sites on the speed dial page. It's a simple mouse move on FF.
  • reidireidi May 2010
    Not quite sure what monz means by "forum login page does not accept my login", but I do know that I am unable to enter text into the authentication blanks in Pandora - nothing I do or click allows me to enter characters. So Midori is a non-starter for me. Going to try FF now.
  • devl547devl547 May 2010
    >I personally preferred Aurora, but because of qt it is not in SliTaz.

    Arora is in cooking repo. And as for midory.. Works perfectly for me.
  • kultexkultex November 2010
    thx devl547 - I have tested arora today - works nice, but the use of memory is huge compared to the old version I have tested (because of qt 4.7?) - firefox uses less - the new version is now useless for low mem systems
  • Sector11Sector11 November 2010
    Interesting, I tried to sign in using Midori and could not get here, started IceWeasel and here I am, my first post.

    Not good news for Midori. Is it the program or the forum? Too bad, I like it, nice and light.
  • kultexkultex November 2010
    strange - I am writing now from Midori (cooking) without any problems
  • Sector11Sector11 November 2010
    Now that I'm signed in Midori is working fine.
  • on4aaon4aa March 2011

    On my other more powerful systems I am a quite happy user of Firefox, however on this 12-year old Pentium II 233MHz with only 156MB RAM, Opera seems to work best. Midori crashes from time to time. Firefox is too CPU hungry and Chrome just does not want to start.

    Adobe Flash works with Opera, but it just takes too much CPU resources to leave it enabled on this machine. This does not surprise me: Adobe Flash has become such a bloat-ware thing that even Steve Jobs does not allow it on iPad.

    However, there exists such a thing as Adobe FlashLite that runs on ARM processors. See:

    Chumby and others use it:

  • slicelslicel March 2011
    I had suggested a linux replacement for adobe flash but flashlite 4 might be good for slitaz.

    Slitaz could look at all the lightweight phone apps to use on regular computers.

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