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[3.0] No Xorg after USB install
  • rent0nrent0n March 2010
    Hi Slitaz community,

    I've just installed Slitaz 3.0 on my USB key but there's something wrong as after rebooting I am dropped to tty1 and can't start X.

    Here's what I've done:
    1. Boot the live cd
    2. tazusb format /dev/sda1
    3. tazusb gen-liveusb
    4. tazusb writefs gzip
    5. Reboot

    Slitaz boots without errors but slim doesn't start and I log in as tux in a text-only environment.
    If I try to 'startx' I am prompted to Install Xorg and to select a driver from a list. The problem is that the list is empty and I can only quit the xorg configuration wizard. I also get an error saying that '~/.xsession' does not exist but creating it does not solve the issue.

    I really can't understand what is going on but I think that the 'bug'is probably related to Xorg or to some missing package.

    Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

  • sardellosardello March 2010

    this is my first Day with Slitaz, but let me try to help :-).
    After 3. tazusb gen-liveusb reboot the System from USB key, make your changes and save it with tazusb writefs gzip.

  • rent0nrent0n March 2010
    Thanks for your answer but that is not the problem actually.
    I've just exited (and not rebooted) after step 3 and performed step 4 and 5. Moreover I think that the bootable usb should also work out of the box after step 3.
    Have you got a working slitaz usb key system?

    Any other hints? Thanks
  • markmark March 2010
    Hi I have same problem I can boot login as root but when you try to startx no go, I tried at boot tab then entering vga & screen=1024x768x24 parameters no work. This happens on my 2 laptops it works fine on my kids new laptop. did you use unetbooting?
  • erniaernia March 2010
    boot options relative to video are not parsed at all if you have xorg.
    you could find this interesting:
    this is a workaround i use to have xorg diferently configured for known machines when xorg autodetect does not work well:
  • rent0nrent0n March 2010
    Thank you ernia, I will try your solution.

    However, I think this is a major issue for Slitaz.
    I've always loved and used Slitaz on my usb key as it is the most powerful portable OS I know, but these problems (probably related to the xvesa --> xorg switch) make it quite unusable for this purpose.

    I hope developers will think about this and provide fixes. In my opinion, xvesa is most suitable for Slitaz purposes. Or maybe the release of two different versions (xorg and xvesa) should be considered. Is there a way to revert to xvesa on 3.0?

  • LineaLinea March 2010
    Hi rent0n

    You can download a xvesa flavor from here:

  • rent0nrent0n March 2010
    Thanks Linea, this seems to be the best solution to keep Slitaz portable, I didn't know there was already an Xvesa version.

    However, the Xorg issue should be fixed, thanks!
  • rent0nrent0n April 2010
    The xvesa flavour works perfectly, thanks.
    Anyone know how I can set up a 1280x800 resolution on my Intel GMA945 video card?

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