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Request a pkg!
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    Just wanted to have a discussion post where people can request pkgs (as in old forums). One can also request it on

    Let us know, what are the pkgs that you want in Slitaz repos?

  • slicelslicel November 2009
    A package for softmodems would apply to many newer computers.

    The package could be specific or general, or a general package plus specific driver packages added as needed-

    - Agere 0x11c11040 chip and agrsm driver

    - All chips on ac97 hda sound cards with alsa

    - All softmodems

    A typical user might have trouble more with changing the system to accomodate softmodems than with installing a particular driver.

    Softmodem site-

    ScanModem output on slitaz-

    Thank you.
  • kultexkultex November 2009
    first - I am astonished, how much packages are in slitaz.....

    second - I am missing ardour and graveman

    Ardour - ok there is Audacity, but Ardour is non-destructive, whereas Audacity works as a destructive editor - ( and if you want to cut music for theater or any official presentation, then you have to use Ardour.

    Graveman - it is the only linux burning software for Audio - CDs, the rest of the Program (DVD, iso) is shit, but for Audio, there is no better one - even K3B does not reach the possibilities of Graveman - I burn all my Master - CDs with Graveman - cdrdao is now on board in cooking, as I have seen.
    And it is very small. Development stopped in 2005 - I do not understand, why nobody is continuing this nice little tool.

    and for tazusb writefs I would like one more possibility - it would be cool to have something like:

    tazusb writefs lzma /dev/hda2

    and it will be copied to the boot-directory of hda2 - because, I have slitaz on my hard disk on hda2, the rootfs.gz after copying from root is very often corrupt.
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    @slicel : Hi, I have done packaging of some of the linmodems (available here: There are too many types of linmodems. I don't know which one are more popular. Could you help to package few others? You can start with my receipts. It should not be that difficult.

    @kultex: Why Graveman for burning audio? What is so special about Graveman? Have you tried Slitaz Burnbox? My wife uses Slitaz burnbox frequently for burning audios for her car and she never had any problems. Anyways, we will try to pkg Graveman too :-)
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Jozee, I do not understand what you did or how those fix the Agere 11c11040, kernel headers, extraversion, or alsa files.

    Thank you.
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    @slicel: :-)

    Here is your package:

    do modprobe agrserial and agrmodem. You should be all set. Hope it works.

    EDIT: This howto may also help further:
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    I installed the package that you posted but "modprobe agrserial" failed with "cannot insert...No such device...failed to load...No such file..."
  • seawolfseawolf November 2009
    One trick I recently picked up was to try `modprobe -l | grep agr` or `modprobe -l | grep modem` to see if it's named something slightly different. If so, `modprobe` or `insmod` the correct name.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Grep shows the files there.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    "do modprobe agrserial and agrmodem."

    The sequence seems to matter because no errors when done in this order-

    modprobe agrmodem
    modprobe agrserial

    That is the sequence given on .

    Now I have to reread the next steps to see if it works.

    Do I have to put agrmodem and agrserial in etc/rcS.conf to avoid modprobing manually every time I boot?

    I encourage people with certain softmodems to try these new linmodems on slitaz and send feedback.

    Thank you.
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    I am looking for a lightweight spreadsheet. Slitaz has o3read (which does not seem to do anything) but will it get siag?

    I have the tar.gz but do not know what to do with it.

    Thank you.
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    How about "gnumeric" ?

    Edit: Also, for modems (including 3G), you may like to install linux-dialup pkg. Dominique has done an excellent job in getting most of the dialup stuff working (
  • slicelslicel November 2009
    Gnumeric did not open some files properly and I wanted to see if other spreadsheets were better or lighter.

    I did not see any instructions for how to use tar.gz on slitaz.

    Thank you.
  • LuXLuX November 2009
    Hi Jozee,

    thank you for asking!

    Oddly enough, all the chess games I found on Xubuntu either don't work on my laptop because of unsupported 3D effects, or do not allow to forward (you can only see the previous steps) nor to fix the strength (beginer/medium/strong). If Slitaz could fill this lacuna by providing a simple, light weight and efficient chess game (with internationalisation, this is for children), it would be nice...

    Other games of strategy (checkers, four-in-a-row...) would be welcome too.

    I also didn't find in Slitaz any program for creating web albums, such as Album Shaper or JBrout:

    This being said, I appreciate very much the astonishing work already done by the developers. Many thanks for all of this!

    Best regards,
  • sv7sv7 December 2009
    Hello, can I request deluge BitTorrent client, moblock, and wbar config utility. Thanks.
  • deadwaitdeadwait December 2009
    got jbrout working, but its total dependency hell and i dont think i will be making a package for the same, most of the dependencies are available in slitaz except pyexvi2 and the command exiftran for which you need to compile fbida.
    plus it shoots up cpu usage on my laptop, so maybe someone else could try it out.
  • kultexkultex December 2009
    @jozee - sorry - I had premiere, so my answer is very late. The advantage of graveman is, that it uses mainly cdrdao for burning audio CDs. Cdrdao records audio or data CD-Rs in disk-at-once (DAO) mode based on a textual description of the CD contents (toc-file) - see here:
    If you just want to copy or make a normal audio CD cdrecord or wodim or cdrkid works fine, but if you need to burn a cd without any gaps between the tracks or to burn a 90min or 100min CD, than you need cdrdao. In professional linux audio recording, only cdrdao is used -
    If cdrdao could be implemented in burnbox, I would be happy.

    @deadwait - I have no idea, what to do with the diff file? and are there not more depencies? Normally it depends also on cdrdao, cdrecord, makeisofs, readcd, sox, growisofs, dvd+rw-mediainfo, dvd+rw-format - ok they are not necessary, but at least cdrdao must be installed to use cdrdao

  • LuXLuX December 2009
    @deadwait - Thank you for the attemp with jbrout. Have you tried Album Shaper ? Their web site says that :

    If you want to compile Album Shaper or Reveal from source, you'll need to install the Qt, libjpeg, libxslt, libxml2, and Exiv2 libraries.

    Only libjpeg isn't yet available in Slitaz. This being said, I don't know how to compile anything from source, so I have no idea of the difficulty. I just have the vague feeling that this program is simpler than others. If you want to give it a try...
  • deadwaitdeadwait December 2009
    @lux libjpeg is available , its named as just jpeg in slitaz repos.ya ill give it a shot in a day or two.
    @kultex you dont have to do anything with the diff file, i was just informing you that graveman will be available from tazpkg in a day or two. but you have mentioned in the above post about graveman using cdrdao, and i have not install cdrdao when compiling , ill try that and update the receipt,
    one other other the link file shows you the entire receipt used for packaging graveman, so you could use it to compile it on your machine and try it out immediately.
    note: turns out we dont need it for compiling , just as external programs,
  • jozeejozee December 2009
    @kultex: I know about cdrdao. Infact, burnbox has some code using cdrdao though I had commented it out earlier to drop an extra dependeny and make burnbox even more lightweight. Its very easy to add this advance functionality of non-gap recording in burnbox but this is not really a priority for me right now. I will keep this in mind for the next version.
  • sporkspork December 2009
    Is it too much to ask for BZflag? It would be nice to go around with a Slitaz CD and start up a couple of networked computers to play on it (If it is added to the repos, I'll try making a LiveCD!)...
  • chompachompa December 2009
    Probably very simple but i have been trying to compile Tilda (game console like terminal) its telling me that gcc cannot compile binarys. if anyone would like to have a go at that or provide a solution that would be great. oh and how do i go about creating a tazpkg after compiling so i can share it?
  • deadwaitdeadwait December 2009
    could anyone please package the glasgow haskell compiler, GHC,
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    OK, chess in cooking

    No xiàngqí (cờ tướng, échecs chinois)?

    Quackle? Everyone loves Minesweeper
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    Go's even more popular than xiang qi...
  • NR1NR1 January 2010
    could anyone please package TuxGuardian ? thanks in advance
  • bubbleboibubbleboi February 2010
    Would someone do a package for Xbindkeys, I think this program is kind of important too...
  • davesurreydavesurrey February 2010
    I can't find burnbox or any similar app in the latest Cooking 20100221 list of packages?
    What is the recommeneded burning?
  • bubbleboibubbleboi February 2010
    @jose Thank you ! It's fantastic!
  • time4medstime4meds February 2010
    request a pkg again, eh
    o.k. how about
    directFB-1.4.3 for splashy 0.3.13
  • jozeejozee February 2010
    Longtime back, allan (deadwait) had compiled directfb but we decided to remove it for reason i don't remember now (
  • OutramusOutramus March 2010
    If anyone fancies a challenge...

    What I'm missing most is a gui bluetooth manager. Blueman is quite good. I guess GnomeBluetooth will have lots of nasty gnome dependencies, whereas Blueman does not.

    I managed to compiled it on slitaz once upon a time, but it didn't work properly and kept crashing.

    I foresee problems with audio (no pulseaudio in slitaz) and browsing obex filesystems (although when pcmanfm switches to gvfs this should be easy).

    Maybe a nice tiny bluetoothbox would be a better solution...
  • vinylvinyl March 2010
    mlbviewer? ;)
  • obermotzobermotz March 2010

    mediatomb and aria2 maybe?
  • deadwaitdeadwait March 2010
    hi @vinyl
    can you give me a link to any mibviewer in linux, ill try and package that for you.i cant find one..
  • kaldorkaldor March 2010
    gnome-do and rythmbox :o)
  • ChristopheChristophe March 2010
    I am missing Thunderbird for anythings serious with Slitaz :( I know there is a version i downloded from Distrowatch which works but i would prefer a package nicely integrated !
    (and i am sure there are other that would love TB)

    Also i like VLC, which has always been usefull at reading anything just out of the box !

    Can anyone package these 2 ?
    I whish i could do that myself....

  • XBMC, BOXEE would be nice. Their such a bear to install ffrom source for people like me that are not adept at Linux.
  • maxxmaxx March 2010
    brother Jozee,
    please add a GopenVPN on the SliTaz Packages:

    Thanks before!
  • openpatopenpat March 2010
    I love SliTaz ! My old Dell Latitude PCX do also !
    I miss rednotebook which used to help me log my activities.
    If somebody can have a look at that suggestion, would be a valuable add for the Community. This little app helps !
  • KdE_KdE_ April 2010
    I found with long try and error the catalyst package for Ati Cards.
    Unfortunaly my card, a mobility radeon x700 is not supported by 9.11
    The last version with support is 9.3

    Tryed to install this, but it went wrong. Never compiles the kernelmodule.
  • monzmonz April 2010
    Please give us a csound.tazpkg !!!! Thanks.
  • grantdgrantd April 2010
    Would love to see a mod_mono pkg to round out the mono offering.
  • I would like to have xmoto for slitaz.

    Compiling from source didn't work. I had to compile (lib)ode too, but xmoto didn't start (cryptic error message).

    Same result with wine.

    Converting the Ubuntu packages didn't change anything - I also had to convert libcurl3-gnutls and this time xmoto ended up with this:

    xmoto: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  • narendranarendra April 2010
    Can we have Truecrypt? If something similar is there pl do point me towards it.
  • blcondeblconde May 2010
    What about the gtk front-end for xbindkeys:

    (And is there a documentations for xbindkeys at

  • I want mana world its a very lightweight and addictive mmo
  • devl547devl547 May 2010
    >I want mana world

    Added "mana" to wok-undigest (it's the latest 1.0.0-beta version of client)

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