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I Need Help = I Used Slitaz Ophcrack Live Cd of Vista on My Windows Vista Home Premium and .....
  • AnkurAnkur January 2010
    I Need Help = I Used Slitaz Ophcrack Live Cd of Vista on My Windows Vista Home Premium .
    I Tried to crack my vista but it was unsuccessful to crack it as it said that the password wasn't found and in anger i deleted all the system files and deleted all program files of the C: drive in which Vista was preinstalled in my laptop .
    i was so much frustated because my laptop was closed from last 2 months.
    so now when i try to on my laptop it says that The Bootmanager is missing . Press Ctrl+Alt+del to restart.
    So now i cant even install Xp or any other windows to my laptop .
    please help me how do i Make my Laptop Run in Xp and how do i fix Bootmanager at right place .
    I cant even open the hard disk bcause its in warranty period .
    Also i cant even Use Usb to Copy files from other Pc / Laptop as the ophcrack live cd is not able to detect any usb device and i dont know the code to mount any usb device in the terminal.
    Please provide me specific solution i would be glad to get as soon as solution to this drastic problem to by LAPTOP !!!!!......
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    You'll need to use a WIndows XP/Vista/7 CD/DVD to reinstall the boot manager, or the whole Windws OS.In this case, try a Widows forum.

    Alternatively, install a Linux distro that uses GRUB and use Linux...
  • xanxan January 2010
    try from the BIOS chang the boot option to boot from DVD\CD after this you will restart your pc and boot from xp cd or 7 dvd or ubunto 9.10 cd

    i hope that help u
  • xanxan January 2010
    same post ^__^
  • AnkurAnkur January 2010
    I Tried Everything to install Linux Especially the ubuntu . but it is askin for Bootmanager !!! .
  • seawolfseawolf January 2010
    I suspect you are still trying to boot from the hard disk, not the Ubuntu or SliTaz CD-ROM. Check your BIOS and use the F2 or F12 key at the POST screen to ensure you select the CD-ROM.

    BTW: you can use MountBox to mount USB devices to a /mnt/usbdisk directory.
  • MattMatt January 2010
    @ Ankur

    what os do you mostly want back because i think i can help only if you choose any windows os, 95, 98, me..., .... vista (32bit and 64bit), and windows 7 (both 32 and 64bit).

    also i need to know everything on your computer all its stats im talking all hardware like the hdd, ram, mother board name and #, if it is a PC or Laptop, the first/ main os that you want and im sorry to say that if there were any files that were on your computer everything will be lost but i tell you one thing if you don't mind ripping appart your computer (pc is best) there is this little peice of plastic in the mother board look for one that reads 'CMOS' it should closer to the little battery built to the mother board if not check buy the CPU (DON'T REMOVE CPU) if you still cant find this little thing then you might have to remove your whole mother board from the system also make sure if you are dissconnecting any wires you number or mark where they go, when you remove the mother board start checking the edges closely arround the board if you still cant find it then get a magnifing glass and fully check for this 'CMOS' peace i think that it will be black or blue if you see green (RARE) they are old swiches like form computers from 1992, so when you finally find this thing remove it and remember where and how it goes put your computer back together power up for five to ten seconds after the screen says something like "CMOS Reset" now heres the fun part tear down your computer again and place the thing back where you found and put it back together and your BIOS should be reset.

    The above is something like a 80-20 shot higher # in your favour aslong as you didn't screw up your BIOS files to bad i just pray that you didn't touch the file called system.inf because that is a main BIOS file and is said to only unique to each computer but they said that i cant build a super computer out of 5 old computers but i did that!!!

    If your bios Refuses to work you might have to do one of to things.
    1) find the bios install/repair disk search on google
    2) buy new/ replace motherboard

    Now for the os if you still have the origional os disk that was used to install your system what you need to do is format the disk (i think you might need the 95 or the 98 disk or a DOS disk) now i can't fully remember what you need to type but in dos you will need to know that
    [. ] is go to prev dir
    [..] go to home dir
    [dir] foder
    [cd] is open folder
    [format -C:/] this should reformat the cdrive which should be your HDD

    Now if you have a laptop do everything above but CAREFULLY because laptop parts cost more then whole damn laptop or if you are still on warranty then you can take the computer back to where you got it from and say that it just crashed

    also after you reformat the HDD reboot your computer and install your perfered os i persomally whould expairment with something super small like slitaz but if you have access to a working windows pc and you have a spare usb drive install the live-cd iso on to the usb using tazusb.exe and use the latest slitaz iso file i found that all work from cooking to stable and you can reformat your hdd with that but only as long as your bios is fixed

    i hope this helps good luck
    when/ if you get the computer fixed please don't delete anything from the C-Drive beat the hell out of the keyboard(desktop) that way we know how to fix it faster lol sorry for the lame joke

    if you live in Regina i can help you further buy having physical access but the odds of that are real slim

    well i really hope this helps and if you are wondering if you have to tear down the computer just to get the bios working again the answer is yes its the only way.

    well best of luck and if you want to contact me directly send me a message @
  • MattMatt January 2010
    also whenever try to crack the computer signin as
    [user] administrator
    [pass] [press the enter key]

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