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Unable to boot Slitaz on Via C3 based computer
  • sharkwsharkw January 2010
    Hi, I'm unable to boot Slitaz (cooking 20091104) on an older computer. The CD is burned correctly and boots on other computers. The computer has a motherboard (don't remember the model) with an integrated Via C3 1Ghz processor. I have 512 MB of RAM installed, which should be enough for Slitaz.

    When I get to the initial menu, I press enter to boot and get the following error:
    Not enough memory to load specified image.

    Any ideas how I can work around this? Any BIOS settings that I could try changing?
  • kultexkultex January 2010
    did you already try with another os like DSL, because I never had any problem with Via cpus, but I did not try Slitaz on them - Ram is no problem at all, but perhaps they are unsupported by the bios - which Computer is it?
    When the error turns up - just at the beginning?
  • sharkwsharkw January 2010
    Some other distributions work while others don't. Older Ubuntus, and Xubuntu 8.04 do boot and install okay, the newer ones don't. I remember trying DSL, Puppy Linux and Zenwalk also, but seem to remember all of them having problems booting, with I think Zenwalk giving the same error.

    I did some searching, the system is a VIA C3 1GHz Nehemiah (EPIA-M10000 NEHEMIAH) motherboard. When booting from the CD, I get the initial Slitaz screen with the "boot: " prompt, after I press enter it starts loading the kernel image (".........") and then I get the error.
  • sharkwsharkw January 2010
    Okay, managed to solve my own problem. Tried Tiny Core Linux which gave me the error "The initrd is too big", googled that and found that all I had to do was disable the Memory Hole option in the BIOS. Just booted into Slitaz now, thanks!

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