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  • DarjeelingDarjeeling March 2011
    This & That, Part I

    Last night I tried to post a comment that I had written in Leafpad. For some reason, pasting it into the forum editor with the mouse didn't work but ctrl-v did. But then it turned out that my average size posting was apparently 557 characters too long. Some of my previous comments and many of the other users' comments had been much longer, often containing sections from error logs and such things, but they could be posted without any problems. Why all of a sudden these stupid restrictions? Really, communication becomes ever more difficult on these pages since people have started to 'improve' this forum.

    Last night I opened my posting with praise for Slitaz and for the people who are toiling away at this gem of a distro behind the scenes. In the interest of brevity I'll skip the nice bits this time. I'll also post the few points I want to raise in installments to make sure I won't get trapped again by the idiotic new limitations. So, off to Part II .........

  • DarjeelingDarjeeling March 2011
    This & That, Part II

    Neither the cooking version from last November nor the intermediate cooking version from earlier this month (4 March) worked for me although I tried everything that was recommended here in the forum. Both versions boot into the console. But installing the Nvidia drivers, updating xorg.conf and running startx didn't help, I still ended up at the console. This is a serious issue for me (and probably many other users with Nvidia graphics) and I do hope there will be a solution for this in the upcoming cooking version. Booting into a graphic desktop wasn't a problem with 3.0 stable, why should it be now?

    Continue reading in Part III .........

  • DarjeelingDarjeeling March 2011
    This & That, Part III

    I know that upstream is constantly evolving and that one has to draw a line and freeze things at some point in order to prepare a new release. But some applications are more important than others and should therefore be kept as up-to-date as possible. Midori is the default browser in Slitaz. The cooking repo currently holds Midori v0.3.2 but there's a later version (v0.3.3) available that contains a lot of improvements and bug fixes. It would be good if this newer version of Midori could still make its way into cooking before a new ISO is produced. It would also be good if Firefox 4 was available in the repo of when Slitaz 4 stable is released.

    Continue reading in Part IV .........

  • DarjeelingDarjeeling March 2011
    This & That, Part IV

    I like to listen to Internet radio stations using moc. But there are problems with this, that I've written about here ...

    Currently there is no dedicated radio application in the Slitaz repos. It would be nice if at some point installable packages of Streamtuner and/or RadioTray were available, too.

    The End

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    Maybe you shouldn't have tried posting it without the nice bits after all. 557 characters isn't much. Just over 3 or 4 (full) lines on this forum with it's wrapping in fact. Meaning if you stripped the nice bit you could have posted everything together.

    The default of Vanilla post limit is 2000 characters. Since you could post posts longer than 2000 characters, this means it's probably already been increased. It will probably be increased again after your complaint.

    Also by the looks of it, the current Midori only came out 7 days ago. You can't expect everything to be added the moment they're released. Hell, the current Linux Kernel version is 2.6.38 now and it came out 6 days ago. Be patient. If you can't wait, then feel free to compile and/or package it yourself. Firefox 4 hasn't even been released yet either. It's still in RC form, meaning it's not really production level nor supported by all the plugins yet. It's like using only Python 3000. Stuff will break :|

    You also didn't say which cooking flavour your attempting to use. Slitaz-cooking-base.iso only has a command line interface. Slitaz-cooking-justx.iso boots, but only has the tint2 panel and sometimes doesn't start openbox properly which would look 'frozen' or broken to somebody that didn't know this. What you want is slitaz-cooking-core.iso. Are you sure you're using the flavors @ ? Because they were made on the 1st of March, not the 4th.

    Finally, there are people working on a dedicated ncurses dialog and gtkdialog radio application for SliTaz. It will be using mplayer as it's back-end, which should work pretty well with most formats.

    Fair Enough?
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    You know what's ironic now? They released Firefox 4 a couple of hours ago. And I'm running it right now. The process is actually so simple that I could generate a package for it. That's if you want it...

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