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Again the resolution :-) question from a newbie
  • cyberbree_cyberbree_ February 2011
    Hey Guys,

    can anyone tell me how to get widescreen resolutions in slitaz such as 1920x1080 or 1366x768 ?
    Step by step? And independently from the graphiccard or manufacturer of it? I mean, generic widescreen support? Easy an nearly automatic? Like slitaz does when it starts and chooses the resolution?
    It is the only thing that drives me away from slitaz anytime i think "oh, lets give it a try again with the new cooking" :-)
    Anyway, slitaz is great!
    Any help is greatly appreciated!

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    Which version are you using? Cooking or Stable?

    Cooking comes with a package called lxrandr that allows you to alter the resolution instantly - so long as it's supported. I converted it over for Stable too @ - you can just download it and install it with tazpkg install lxrandr.tazpkg - note you may also need to install a package called xorg-xrandr to make it work properly.

    The trouble is getting the full range of support, which means getting the right graphic card drivers and modules loaded - make sure you're online before trying. You can do it like this:
    1. Start a terminal (xterm) and su to root
    2. Type tazx and select the first option in the list, wait for it to download the package list and pick the card make nearest to yours. Allow it to install everything and reconfigure everything. Then close the program.
    3. Still in terminal, type tazhw detect-pci and allow it detect everything.

    That's it, everything should be configured properly. With lxrandr installed there should be a new option called "Monitor Settings" under your "Start"-->Preferences menu. Just click it and set the resolution to whatever.
  • cyberbree_cyberbree_ February 2011
    Thankx Dude!

    i will try it as soon as i am home from work and post the result!
  • cyberbree_cyberbree_ February 2011
    I will be damned!!!!

    It works!!!

    it's a little bit awkward, but i did this steps in the past and it didn't work out.. strange.. must be the new cooking.??

    Anyway, thankx a lot!!

    Slitaz is back!

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