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Slitaz 4.0 Xvesa
  • moulefritemoulefrite January 2011
    I need it , I want it   :)

    Beside this, I notive that sometimes for some evoluated Graphic cards, the best way for having X working , it's to boot from Xvesa Slitaz version and auto download the specific Xorg packages for the card.
  • panksopankso February 2011

    The thing is that Xvesa have been dropped upstream is is no longer developped by Xorg/Freedesktop team. It why you even have a Xvesa package in cooking. Maybe Xfree86 project still have Xvesa prebuild binaries that work so you can do your own livecd flavor.
  • moulefritemoulefrite February 2011

    Thx for answering ,


    But even if Xvesa is no longer developed , it doesn't stop Slitaz 4.0 to use it instead Xorg . No ?

    Lot's of Slitaz users just have a simple Intel Chip which works very well with Xvesa as all the Netbook generation.

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