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[Solved] mplayer error
  • gdesilvagdesilva February 2011
    Hi, would anyone know how to fix the mplayer error  'too many video packets in the buffer'? I set the mplayer video settings to drop packets but still the error persists. I am running a P4 with 512MB RAM.


  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    One of the most annoying things about mplayer is that it's very verbose when it comes to it's errors. Luckily this can be disabled:

    Go to the hidden folder named .mplayer and edit the file named config (or start a terminal and use leafpad ~/.mplayer/config) and add the following to it (first line is what's written in the config file by default):
    # Write your default config options here!
    save, restart mplayer and those error messages should be gone ;)
  • gdesilvagdesilva February 2011
    Thanks Trixar_za - it did the trick.

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