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Boot current Slitaz Cooking Core
  • zezinhozezinho February 2011
    hi, I am using happily Slitaz 3.0 on a PXE/TFTP server to boot machines and then clone them with partimage. I have understood the flavours etc, but I'd like to use a more recent partimage.

    As Cooking have latest partimage 0.6.9, I downloaded the cooking base iso, extracted bzImage and rootfs.gz to the PXE server, and it boots.... than it stops with

    reset : unknown terminal type linux
    Terminal type?

    1. Is this a known problem? I am confused as the iso is from November 2010, rather old for Cooking?
    2. Should I stop playing with cooking if it is not ready for production?
  • claudineiclaudinei February 2011
    Hi @zezinho,

    Type "CTRL + D" to continue the boot process, then upgrade the system with "tazpkg recharge && tazpkg upgrade". It should do the work.
  • OldGuyOldGuy February 2011
    If you download /boot and /pxe from a Slitaz mirror (e.g. into your tftpserver directory and hand over the pxe/pxelinux.0 as a boot file via DHCP, you'll have all Slitaz versions/flavors (as well as some other need stuff) nicely in one PXE-menu.

    Great stuff, nicely hidden. ;-)
    Still, I found it. :-)
  • zezinhozezinho February 2011
    Thank you claudinei. Now it works!

    ...damn, a warning should be in the download page, or iso updated. I know everyone does as he can, but an unusable ISO is something keeping people away from Slitaz.
  • claudineiclaudinei February 2011
    Hi @zezinho,

    Well, we always recommend to use the stable release on production environments. The cooking release can be somewhat buggy, users who use it should always know that it's a testing release.

    That said, you can use cooking at your own, updating it on a daily basis, to get the latest modifications of the distribution (and it is a risk, because sometimes an update can break things) OR you can use the stable release and, if you want the latest partimage, you can cook it by yourself, using tazwok. See:

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