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How to get flash in midori
  • talonf37talonf37 February 2011
    How can I get flash in midori I try downloading the plugin on the desktop nothing I try puting it in firefox plugins file nothing 
    I try to put it in midori flie still nothing. It works with firefox but I have low ram so it wont stay on for long 

    please help

    Dell Dimension
    Ram : 253 MB

  • kreegkreeg February 2011

    If you are trying a USB install, SliTaz 3.0 is unhappy with FAT23. Use the 'tazusb format' command to create an ext3 file system on your USB and you will find that SliTax works as advertised, including installing flash in Midori. To install use the command:

    #tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin && get-flash-plugin

    Two things about Midori in Slitaz 3.0: if on the home page, hitting the backspace key when the cursor is already at begin line in the google search entry box, Midori will crash. Midori will also crash sometimes when you have more than one tab on display and you click the Back button. To avoid the crashes, right click the tab and select close.

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