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How to setup graphics card in Slitaz Cooking 2.6.34
  • zealkaiserzealkaiser February 2011
    using the guide
    I have got success in Slitaz 3.0.
    But now I am giving a try to slitaz cooking.
    But this time I am not able to get my graphics card working in slitaz cooking. I have Intel Mobile 4 series express chipset graphics controller. And my laptop supports resolution upto 1366x768.
    If I run tazx it asks for my graphics and on selecting intel it downloads and installs the required file. But in the last it gives an error : Undefined module i915 in modules.dep
    Even after installing dri/drm I cannot modprobe drm. It says undefined module.
  • mojomojo February 2011
    # tazpkg recharge
    # tazpkg upgrade

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