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[HELP] Install Chromium
  • Flea90Flea90 February 2011
    Hi! It's me again. I want to install Chromium web browser in my PC. I 've checked in the package manager and it isn't there. Is there any other way to download and install it? Could anyone explain me? I know perhaps it's a silly question but I'm quite new here in Slitaz. Thanks!
  • mandraelmandrael February 2011
    Just search for "chrome". You'll find the get-google-chrome skript ...
  • mojomojo February 2011
    #tazpkg get-install get-google-chrome
    followed by
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    You will also need to install cups for chrome to work fully.

    so the complete steps are:
    tazpkg get-install get-google-chrome
    tazpkg get-install cups

    Then go to Menu-->System Tools-->Control Box-->Initialization, add cupsd to the end of the Run Daemons box (with a space between the word cups and the previous one - example: dbus hald firewall slim cupsd) and click change and exit.

    Now cups will start whenever you boot into SliTaz and Chrome will work without any further issues. Hope it helps ;)
  • Flea90Flea90 February 2011
    Thank you again! I`ve installed Chrome without any problems. I also installed Opera and i think it works better and is a little bit faster!
    Thanks to everybody for your answers!

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