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adobe flash player
  • paddymreillypaddymreilly January 2011
    Please! how do I install adobe flash player?
    I'm new to SliTaz and not very computer literate so no jargon please!
  • TotoetsasoeurTotoetsasoeur January 2011
    Check this out:

    Happy slitaz!

  • NewbieNewbie January 2011
    Hope it's okay if I join this thread.  I'm also new to SliTaz, ANY linux for that matter.
    I'm reasonably computer literate but not Linux literate yet.
    I also need to get the flash player installed and tried the above link.
    What I got back was seven lines of:

    wget: bad address ''

    I checked and rechecked my typing.
    Any suggestions?

  • mrblack234mrblack234 February 2011
    @Newbie : Open your SliTaz "Package Manager" and goto the tab-box "Configuration". Checking on "Mirror URL" box and if you (use SliTaz 3.0) see add-url something like this, change that add-url to and click "Setup" button x1 and click "Add" button x1 and "Exit". You must be connected to the internet to install the software packages.
  • NewbieNewbie February 2011
    Looks like you just added the "/" to the end which it already had in my system (yes,3.0).

    Still not working.

    But thanks
  • panksopankso February 2011

    Try this in a terminal (sometime it's simpler from command line than using a GUI...). As root, install a script and then install flash, we do not provide a full package because flash is not open-source:

    # tazpkg get-install get-flash-plugin
    # get-flash-plugin

    If it dont work (it should realy work), you can download flash from adobe site, extract the archive and copy or move to your personnal hidden directory: ~/.mozilla/plugins

    - Christophe
  • babaorumbabaorum February 2011
    If you want to make this installation available for every Slitaz user and not only the current one, you should also copy the file to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and /usr/lib/firefox-[version]/plugins (where [version] is the version number of your installed Firefox browser).
    Please do not forget to modify the owner and group of the file at every place in /usr/lib where you copy it:
    (password of "root" account: "root" also if default)
    for dir in "/usr/lib/mozilla" "$(ls -d /usr/lib/firefox*)"; do cp -a "$dir/plugins" && chown -c root:root "$dir/plugins/"; done

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