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  • talonf37talonf37 January 2011
    I cant run flash in slitaz 3.0 I install it and when its done sometimes it logs off
    when I install it I open midori I go to youtube it say upgrade to flash player 10
    I try reinstalling midori it wont work. Im running it from the ram only does that have something to do with it 

    please help 
  • mojomojo January 2011
    Verify flash is installed:
    tux@slitaz:~$ ls  /usr/share/flash
    1.Full install of slitaz:
    Add to ~/.profile for each user
    2 Frugal/live install to hard drive/usb key/sd card
    Add to ~/.profile for each user

    tazusb writefs gzip prior to shutdown or lose flash
    3. Run live with persistent /home
    mkdir ~/flash
    root@slitaz: mv /usr/share/flash/ ~/flash
    Add to ~/.profile as regular user tux
    export MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH="/home/tux/flash"
    4. Run from livecd
    Install flash
    Add to ~/.profile for tux

    Redo every boot

    All methods:
    Logout X session
    Login as regular user
    Open midori, it will find 


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