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Make rootfs.gz
  • exio4exio4 January 2011
    Sorry for my english, i'am speak spanish.. =D
    I'am make a distro slitaz based, and just insert apt-get in slitaz, and work fine, now, how make a iso? i'am imagine if make a compatible rootfs.gz (iso-cd), a rootfs.gz generate with tazusb not run on cd.
    If not posible, how make a iso? withall root filesystem...
    Thanks, and sorry for my english, realy my very bad english.. =D
  • michaelkbischofmichaelkbischof January 2011
    You just type
    ,,tazusb writefs lzma"
    or, may be better (I did not yet test that by my own),
    ,,tazusb writefs gzip"
    . The rootfs.gz-file will then be in / and you may copy it to whereever you want.
  • exio4exio4 January 2011
    thanks for response, and rootfs.gz generated for tazusb (lzma) not run, i'am have a pendrive, and this run perfectly, a problem can a kernel, a "debianized" slitaz (in pendrive) not run with slitaz kernel, and now change a slitaz kernel to debian (extracted to my debian testing).... can it be?

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