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Cant find Curl-Config?
  • j0shj0sh January 2011


    i need to install pyCurl on my maschine. to do this i installed the curl-dev package from the repo and python.

    but now i must specify the path to the curl-config and i cant find any configfile...

    below a cut from the installinstructions:

    NOTE: You need Python and libcurl installed on your system to use or
    build pycurl.  Some RPM distributions of curl/libcurl do not include
    everything necessary to build pycurl, in which case you need to
    install the developer specific RPM which is usually called curl-dev.


    Build and install pycurl with the following commands:

        (if necessary, become root)
        tar -zxvf pycurl-$VER.tar.gz
        cd pycurl-$VER
        python install

    $VER should be substituted with the pycurl version number, e.g. 7.10.5.

    Note that the installation script assumes that 'curl-config' can be
    located in your path setting.  If curl-config is installed outside
    your path or you want to force installation to use a particular
    version of curl-config, use the '--curl-config' commandline option to
    specify the location of curl-config.  Example:

        python install --curl-config=/usr/local/bin/curl-config

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za January 2011
    try python install --curl-config=/usr/bin/curl-config
  • j0shj0sh January 2011

    with and without you´r suggestion i´ve become the attached output:image

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za January 2011
    Then there is probably some dependecy missing somewere. Stable uses a pretty old copy of Python which can cause some issues with some newer scripts.

    Alternatively, you could try using the pycurl package provided by cooking, but I'm not sure if it will work though.
  • panksopankso January 2011

    Try to install de curl development package:

    :-) tazpkg get-install curl-dev

  • j0shj0sh January 2011

    i have installed curl-dev - it had not work.

    i have added the cooking-mirror to slitaz mirrors and have upgraded the kernel + packages but now i can't recharge the package-list because of:

    diff: can't stat packages.list : No such file or dir

     ...i have an empty file in /var/lib/tazpkg/packages.list ?=??


  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za January 2011
    Because the cooking list can't be used with stable.

    When I said use the cooking package, I did not mean use the could use tazpkg get-install it. I meant download the package from and install it with tazpkg install package.tazpkg

    Note: curl-dev DOES come with curl-config and it installs it @ /usr/bin/curl-config by default. It's also NOT an config file, but a configuration program. I also don't think it's the problem. You're missing an Python related function that's not provided by your Python install - read missing python dependacies.

    I'm also not sure why your running python /path/to/file/ install instead of cd'ing to /path/to/file and running it python install --curl-config=/usr/bin/curl-config like it states in the INSTALL or README file. Maybe the reason it's not working is because your not following the instructions correctly...
  • j0shj0sh January 2011

    you´r right, i have understood that u havent meant i should upgrade. i have done it becouse u said "python is to old" so i thought lets just upgrade the other old stuff to :-D

    but now it won't work :-(

    tomorrow i will replay slitaz on my system and give it another try. the install with path-declaration and without cd was just the last test before i posted my problem, i have tryed it before with cd ;-)

    hope my english isen't too bad -.-

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