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"Failed to execute login command"
  • searchfgold6789searchfgold6789 January 2011
    I'm new to SliTaz, but not new to linux, and as far as lightwieght linux distributions go, this one is the best one I have seen so far. I like it alot :)
    I'm just having one slight problem. I just installed the "cooking" release of SliTaz using a Live DVD to a laptop. I set the default username and password, but for some reason I cannot login using the username I selected. I type in the correct username and password and I get a dark blue screen with the message "Failed to execute login command". If I use the incorrect username or password, then I hear a beep. I can still login as the root user, but I really need the default user to be able to login.
    Does anyone have any solutions or ideas? Should I try the stable release instead?
    Thanks for the great release!
     - searchfgold6789
  • kreegkreeg January 2011
    Another post mentioned formatting a USB in the ext3 file system which I have done prior to a SliTaz install and all the login problems went away. I assume formatting a partition on a HD would also work fine.
  • searchfgold6789searchfgold6789 January 2011
    Working, thanks!
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