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[FIXED, but note config debug] cooking upgrade breaks pm-suspend, autoconnect
  • ultraradultrarad October 2010

    on resume, screen does not unblank and keyboard locks up (no caps-lock responsivity) although cdrom reads disk.

    tried unloading wireless modules, and various --quirk combinations which were necessary in the past but not before upgrade, to no effect.

    I believe this is due to the kernel build and not pm-utils because pm-suspend did work after upgrade but before reboot.

    after reboot, it's necessary to manually udhcpc, whereas before upgrade this was auomatic.
  • ultraradultrarad October 2010
    remastered with all upgrades other than kernel and modules; pm-suspend works as before upgrade, so:

    ********Problem is with linux kernel upgrade.********

    Were any of the configs related to power management or acpi changed?
  • ultraradultrarad December 2010
    Now works in core-undigest of 2010-Dec-26 (kernel 2.6.36)
  • ultraradultrarad December 2010

    cat /proc/config.gz |gunzip -c|grep PM_
    # CONFIG_PM_DEBUG is not set

    which still prevents anyone from debugging (per
    suggested in another thread) if they need to...

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