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HELP Acer Aspire one D255 network card unworkable!
  • damhyojungdamhyojung December 2010
    Acer Aspire one D255 installed slitaz3.0,but cannt connect the internet,network interface display error
    this laptop use Atheros network card,followning is the drivers for linux,workable in ubuntu,cant installed in slitaz,
    AR81Family Linux Driver
    AR81Family-linux-v1.0.1.14.tar.gz 137K
    anybody know how to fix this??
  • erniaernia December 2010
    try modprobe atl1c
  • erniaernia December 2010
    then /etc/init.d/ restart
  • damhyojungdamhyojung December 2010
    try modprobe atl1c?
    what's that mean,
    can you tell me step by step
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za December 2010
    First you're going to have to open a terminal window (xterm most likely). Then type su and your root password - by default it's root. Now type modprobe atl1c, press enter, then type /etc/init.d/ restart - this will restart the network setup and hopefully get you connected. If it works we can provide you with the steps to make it work at boot.
  • damhyojungdamhyojung December 2010
    thank,i will try tonight,and reply you the result.
  • kultexkultex December 2010
    maybe its the wrong driver - try also: modprobe atl1e

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