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Total Linux Newbie - I'm impressed but need a bit of help!
  • JulianThompsonJulianThompson December 2010
    Hi Everyone - First of all, Wow, this thing runs very fast. All of a sudden my web browsing is turbocharged! Clearly the speed of your 'download' connection isn't everything and this oft mentioned 'latency' is a real issue in the 'big' OS's.
    Anyway - I feel a bit of an idiot but I can't install any new packages to SliTaz. I can download them to my desktop etc but then -err - how do I install them??
    Thanks very much!
  • ms3811ms3811 December 2010
    There are two ways to install packages in Slitaz:

    1. Use Menu-->Systems Tools-->Package Manager
    search for your package, then double-click for install/remove options.

    2. Use command line: # tazpkg get-install packagename
    Try # tazpkg for a list of options. The get-install option will download and install the package for you. If you already have a downloaded package, you can type # tazpkg install packagename to install.
  • JulianThompsonJulianThompson December 2010
    Thanks chaps. The funny thing is that initially my package manager just said '205 installed, 0 available, 0 mirrored etc' - so I thought the package manager was just for removing packages!

    Then, for some reason (I didn't do anything specific that I could remember) the packages leaped to 2500 odd - and I was able to install them.

    Then, I rebooted my machine and now I can't access them again. The computer and net browsing and downloading are working fine.

    Now, as I type this, I notice I have 2600 odd available apps again! This is a bit odd - does it just takes ages to refresh?

  • JulianThompsonJulianThompson December 2010
    and very strangely, now, the 2 apps I am looking for (tsclient and rdesktop) are no longer in my list...

    I can do the command line thing and they seem to work though
  • ChristopheChristophe December 2010
    I suspect you are using cooking, instead of stable (stable 3.0 has "only" about 2300 pacakges)
    If you are totally new to linux, stick with stable 3.0 (cooking is changed regularly and probably its packages too, plus it does not work as you expect from a stable version. I played witht the latest cooking this week end, you do not want to install that, i promise....
    Download 3.0 from the main page link

    this being said, in the package manager you should first the "recharge list" button (the available packages number will jump from 200 i believe, to 2295)
    and the "upgrade all" (though i must admit i am not convinced that that one is always the best idea....)

    and, yes, this system is a dream come true ;)

  • ms3811ms3811 December 2010
    If you run 'upgrade all', there is a high likelihood you will brick your system. If you do, there are couple of things you will need to do to make it work again. 1. change /boot/grub/menu.lst to load the new kernel (I think cooking loads the 2.6.34 kernel by default and the upgrade will change that to 2.6.36, unless the latest cooking iso available for download already provides the .36 kernel). 2. you will need to replace /boot/vmlinuz-... file with a working copy. Take a look at these posts if you run into issues after upgrading:

    With regards to the package manager, in general, the graphical package manager is a lot slower than the command line. This, I think, is true for other distros as well.
  • ChristopheChristophe December 2010
    @ ms3811: you are talking about cooking while i recommended to use stable.

    Julian said he is a total linux newbye. Don't you think using the package manager (even if it is slower, which it is) and a stable version is the way to go...
  • ms3811ms3811 December 2010
    If he's already got cooking installed, figured he could use some help feeling his way around.

    I agree, stable is definitely a better choice for someone starting out.
  • ChristopheChristophe December 2010
    oh i get your point.... ;)
    have a nice day

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