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Installing SliTaz 3.0 on VMware?
  • WeritonWeriton November 2010
    Goodnight everyone.

    I would be testing the SliTaz 3.0 on VMware virtual machine, but found no way to do this, I took a good searched the net and nothing so far, it does not recognize the hard disk virtual machine, since I created the partitions for another linux to see if that was the problem (which was not suspected) not resolved also. Can anyone give me a hand?


  • ChristopheChristophe November 2010
    use qemu. it is straight forward.
  • WeritonWeriton November 2010
    Good night Christophe, I apologize for my English, it is not very good, no chance of being himself using vmware? I am using windows seven 64, also do not know much qemu, I am grateful for your response.
    Can you tell me why SliTaz not work in vmware?


  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za November 2010
    There are a few Distros that don't work well vmware, like Fedora (Red Hat, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS). It's an issue with vmware that hopefully will be fixed someday.
  • WeritonWeriton November 2010
    Trixar_za Good afternoon, thanks for the help, I installed Virtual Box did the test with SliTaz, he recognized the hard disk perfectly, now I will install and perform tests before I need to install the machine end, thanks!
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