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screen res
  • dzon65dzon65 April 2010
    I had to order a new HD so for now I'm running slitaz live.The only problem is that my screen resolution is not recognized.It runs at 800X600 while this is a 1280X800 screen making it totally unusable.What can I do about this?
  • dzon65dzon65 April 2010
    Btw.when I ran slitaz 2.0 live I had the choice to use the 1024X768 resolution with the xvesa server.This seems to be no longer an option when booting?
  • moulefritemoulefrite April 2010

    1* The default slitaz 3 use Xorg insteed Xvesa as before . But there's a Xvesa
    flavor. Look at the mirror

    2* If you use Xvesa and have an 9** Intel graphic chip and will to display an exotic 1280*800, just install and use 915resolution to hack the modes

    3* Whatever u use, you can incode your wishing resolution as a parameter in menu.list in boot/grub ... screen= 1024x764x16

  • dzon65dzon65 April 2010
    Hi.Yeah,xorg,that's why I was eager to see the coming of 3.0.I was looking for a slitaz version that recognized my screenresolution on the fly.Even when ran live.You mentioned the boot screen settings.There are no boot screen settings.It boots straight to desktop.Only things that can be set are language and keyboard layout.I tried with the iso's 3.0,3.0 cooking and 3.0 xorg.Another thing,though I manage english,I was kinda hoping there would be dutch support since I'm from Ghent,Belgium.I checked the md5sums and they match.It's kinda weird this boots straight to 800X600.
  • dzon65dzon65 April 2010
    I have slitaz 2.0 installed on two old pc's,crt-screens,so doesn't matter there.I really would like to give it a go but,honestly,it's the only live cd distro where it's not being recognized out of the box.
  • inoxidabileinoxidabile April 2010
    Hi everybody!
    I had the same problem as dzon65.
    Even if I insert the "screen= " option for 1024x768x16 at boot of the LiveCD, it doesn't change and remains at 800x600.
    I will try with the suggested flavor having Xvesa and I will tell the results, but I also feel it as an "unconventional" behaviour.

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