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Midori unstable
  • sanekssaneks March 2010
    I have several issues with Midori here.

    - fonts very big, but easy to settle
    - adding a speeddial > crash
    - klicking the small icon ("open location") right side in the adress bar > crash
    - opening the slitaz homepage or others shows messed up layout, huge text-boxes
    - writing in the comment-boxes on the forum crashes almost everytime after a few minutes (I think mostly when I use cursor keys a lot while correcting text..

    also I feel it happens a lot if I write a longer sentences on this forum into the textfield that goes out of the box so I cantsee it, I press Enter and got the crash..
    It seems to happen when editing a longer line of text and pressing cursor direction left. atleast this is what I experienced 6 times just while writing this text. cpu usage goes 100% and midori hangs.

  • fopeteslfopetesl April 2010
    Agree! I installed V3 yesterday (I have this problem with cups - STILL) and ran up Midori.
    After a couple of mins - Uh, Oh! Lock up when <- to last page.
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    it is definately the "left key" causing the crash. and I think it has sth. to do with long lines. well, moving the cursor back is a habit that is quite hard to break when editing text..

    it happens *all the time* when I write something here. good the drafts are autosaved, so I don't have to rewrite everything :/

    "killall midori" is my favourite cli command these days. I think I should install firefox instead.

    dear developers: you should fix or replace that package. it is not too good to have a essential app like a webbrowser that is not able to display the distribution's forum properly and crashes when writing here.

  • jozeejozee April 2010
    @sanek : Midori is small, fast and its slowly becoming an awesome browser. Don't underestimate it. May I also suggest that you report your errors at Midori bugs forum too. Most likely they are going to be fixed.

    BTW, there is also a small GtkLauncher browser in 3.0 based on libwebkit. Try running it first and see if its Midori problem or libwebkit problem. I often use Midori to post on this forum without problems
  • sanekssaneks April 2010
    Hello. Don't get me wrong: I am really amazed by Midori's incredible speed. Very impressive. The only drawback is that bug. I often edit text in the browser and accidently hit that left-key, causing the hang/crash.. Will post the bug over at the midori forum.
  • RuppRupp April 2010
    I am a huge Opera fan but this browser is quite nice. I am using some userscripts with it. I also made some custom hotkeys to be more like the ones I assigned in Opera. I wonder if people would want a wiki on how to customize it here?

  • jozeejozee April 2010
    I wonder if people would want a wiki on how to customize it here?

    Why not? Feel free to add to slitaz wiki. That's what we want.
  • RuppRupp April 2010
    I am doing that. As we speak. Hope I know what I am doing.
  • RuppRupp April 2010
    I just started experiencing this this problem too. I am going to install the one available from pacman and see if I still have the problem.

  • RuppRupp April 2010
    This is just so funny. Right when I get done with the wiki I begin having nothing and I mean nothing but problems with it.

  • jozeejozee April 2010
    Hi all,

    Please try changing Preferences->Preferred Encoding to Unicode(Utf-8). Midori seems to be working fine after that .
  • RuppRupp April 2010

    Nope it still crashes constantly if you happen to touch the left arrow key. Amongst other times it crashes. This is with all extensions disabled to so that isn't the problem.


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