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screen resolution
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Will there be support for 1280X800 resolution in the near future?
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    There already is if you install XOrg, stated in many a forum thread.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    I know.But,xorg is installed.
    Another thing,had some problems with the keyboard.Since I'm from belgium,I use azerty.It happened to me a cccouple of times,the keyboard changed to qwerty.Some searching in the forum revealed that it was due to the xorg server.Uninstalling it would solve that.I'm veeery new to slitaz (always used minimal installs with thunar and openbox).I really want to get this working so,maybe I'm doing something wrong here.I've got slitaz running on some (very)old pc's and works like a charm.But they're 1024X768.Even with xorg installed,there's no widescreen option.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Okay,got it going.Hopefully the keyboards stays without hick ups.
    Kind regards,J.
  • seawolfseawolf March 2010
    Oh, I see; I didn't know you had XOrg installed.
    If you're still running at 1024x768, could you post your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to Pastebin and the link to that Pastebin here please? We might be able to pick something up from it and get widescreen going.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Oh,it's working now.Thanks.But I have a problem with the graphics driver.Installed that 177 version for my nvidia card,but it's not working.Gradients aren't displayed in a proper manner.You kow,it's not fluent,one can see all the lines.
  • dzon65dzon65 March 2010
    Oh yeah,added a second panel to the top,but after a login the bottom one disappeared.They don't seem to be aligned as well,transparency settings don't work either.I can make them transparent but not the color and degree.

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