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viewnior: a good image viewer with slideshow
  • jozeejozee October 2009
    Jo. But I still need GPicView to safe images in several formats. So it's useless for me.

    Under Windows I used IrfanView*. Under Linux? I didn't found an equivalent. :(

  • jozeejozee October 2009
    Have a look on viewnior (80K). If you miss slideshow/crop in gPicView, viewnior may be a perfect replacement/addition. Its now available in repos.

  • jozeejozee October 2009
    Right, but this should be an easy feature to request. Viewnior is new.
  • LineaLinea October 2009
    Take a look at mirage. It's what I use.
  • jozeejozee October 2009
    yes, I use mirage too but its python dependent. I was thinking that viewnior (being only gtk+ dependent) can also find its place in Slitaz live CD together with gPicView.
  • LineaLinea October 2009
    Yes, viewnior is very lightweight.

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