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Openbox Theme Hacking
  • cpcnwcpcnw October 2009
    Anyone got any tips / pointers / urls for 'adjusting' OB themes?

    I like clearlooks but want to tweak a few things ...

    /usr/sahre/themes looks interesting ... first off - size / face of font on menus etc ?
  • slicelslicel October 2009
    I used a text editor to change colors but there are editors like .
  • jozeejozee October 2009
    @cpcnw: Have you ever compiled any package for slitaz before?

    @slicel: Thanks slicel; I think obtheme is one good example for using "tazarch". tazarch tries to convert archlinux PKGBUILD to Slitaz receipts within reasonable degree. obtheme needs "python-fuse"; which I think is not there in slitaz repos. So, we try to get from arch :-)

    @cpcnw: if you havenot compiled before and you want to use obtheme; you may like to download tazarch from the slitaz labs. We are working hard to make the conversion and compiling of packages as easy as possible for newbie.

    So, you do this:

    #tazarch python-fuse

    This converts python-fuse PKGBUILD to receipt and saves it in folder "archwok". Copy it to wok

    # cp -a /home/slitaz/archwok/python-fuse /home/slitaz/wok

    Now try compiling:

    #tazwok cook python-fuse

    it compiles nicely;. You may now have to learn how to improve genpkg_rules() to copy python2.5 folder correctly. Try it.

    Recook and you have python-fuse tazpkg .

    Now; try :

    # tazarch obtheme

    In this case, receipt is generated ; but you have to slightly correct compile_rules(); I leave it as a simple exercise.

    See if you find compiling the new packages easier now. tazarch is still work in progress. Any comments are welcome.

    Note, we also have extended tazpkg. The new tazpkg can also convert "arch linux" and slackware binary pkgs apart from .deb and .rpm



  • deadwaitdeadwait November 2009
    hi , jozee,

    where can i download tazarch, this link isnt working.
  • jozeejozee November 2009
    @deadwait: You have the old version. Arch linux recently revamped its website and svn . Slitaz Labs has the latest version. You download from

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