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Using ACPI with Slitaz
  • BosolaBosola January 2010
    I'm running Slitaz on a laptop with a Centrino processor, the sort infamous for its whine when the processor runs in powersaving states (C3 / Hard C4). On Windows, I can use RMClock - the Linux alternative, as I understand it, is the ACPI system. I've installed the ACPI module and ACPID, but I can't find out where to pass options to limit processor power states on Slitaz. /sys/module/processor/parameters, if I've comprehended correctly, should have a text file named something like processor.max_cstate, but I can't find one. Any ideas where I can append an instruction to limit power states?

    Passing the command as a kernel argument doesn't work - apparently, that only applies to certain kernel builds. I've never compiled a kernel, and it doesn't seem a trivial task, so what else can I do?

    Using: Slitaz cooking (20091104)
  • BosolaBosola January 2010
    Well, I've sort of found a workaround. Opening AlsaPlayer seems to stop the noise dead in its tracks.
  • slicelslicel January 2010
    Slitaz does not have fine power management and I do not know what happened to the powerbox project but discussion that I recovered from the old forum is at .
  • blcondeblconde May 2010
    Hi, I'm thinking is best to bring up an old tread then start a new one about the exactly same subject:

    First of all, how do I load correctly the acpi modules and acpid daemons in Slitaz's boot?

    I did install the "linux-acpi" and "acpid" packages and catching up some information here in the forum I came out with this:
    - to add "ac battery acpi" to /etc/rcS.conf (or Control Panel->Initialization->Load modules)
    - to add "acpid" in the daemons field in Control Panel (actually, I don't know where it leads), after "slim".

    Is this correct? Is there something missing?


  • slicelslicel May 2010
    I did not use Control Panel but here is what worked for me in slitaz 2-
  • blcondeblconde May 2010
    Thanks slicel, that's exactly where it took some information for my comment.

    One information: as I was told, my processor, Celeron M 1,6 GHz, doesn't support cpufreq so I didn't even downloaded linux-cpufreq, neither loaded "acpi-cpufreq cpufreq_ondemand". But when I saw this "acpi-cpufreq" I took out "cpufreq" and just loaded "acpi". Do you think it can work?

    And you don't use acpid?


  • slicelslicel May 2010
    I am not using acpid now because I am troubleshooting a modem.

    I am not sure about "acpi" in rcS but I think this would work in RUN_DAEMONS (not in modules)-
    To start acpid on boot-up: If you start the hal daemon in your rc.conf (you probably do this when using madwifi-hal) nothing has to be done, as hal starts acpid automatically. If you do not use hal, you have to add acpid to the DEAMONS array to start it on boot-up.

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