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Automating language, keymap options
  • DevDev January 2010
    Hi! I run Slitaz (Kernel Aircrack-ng distribution) from and on a USB-drive.

    My problem is this. I'm sick and tired of entering the language, keymap and screen options over and over again. Is there some way I can change my settings so that I go directly to the login screen, with the language=en, keymap=us, screen=1024x768x24 options being loaded automatically?

    I've been searching for days on the Net, but haven't been able to find a solution. Have tried changing the isolinux.cfg file and the menu.lst file -- but haven't been able to automate this. It's beginning to affect my sanity! One of those irritating things which should be so easy to do, but I just can't figure it out. :-)

    Seriously though, think it would be very helpful to have a clearly laid-out guide to automating this -- there must be many people who're sick of this. Slitaz loads up so fast -- it's a shame to have to slow down the bootup process, entering the same options every time.

  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh January 2010
    Hi Dev,

    you can try to add this boot command :
    lang=en kmap=us vga=792
    (or screen=1024x768x24 in place of vga=792)

    If you boot with isolinux the right place is the "append" line, after root=/dev/* in isolinux.cfg
    If you boot with grub it should be the kernel line, after root=/dev/* too

    Tell me if it works :)
  • damhyojungdamhyojung January 2010
    adjust your menu.lst

    title SliTaz LiveCD
    root (hd0,4)
    kernel /BOOT/VMLINUZ_.6_S root=/dev/sda5 lang=en kmap=us screen=1024x768x24
    initrd /BOOT/ROOTFS.GZ
  • damhyojungdamhyojung January 2010
    wow,Gokhlayeh,you are so quick,haha
  • DevDev January 2010
    Thanks for the quick replies.

    And it worked!

    My Slitaz has stopped asking pointless, nagging, irritating questions! :-)

    Here's what I did. I changed the syslinux.cfg file in the root directory of the USB drive.

    This is my complete append line, which did the trick:-

    append initrd=/ubninit rw root=/dev/null lang=en kmap=us screen=1024x768x24 autologin

    Thank you, Gokhlayeh and damyojung! You have saved my sanity and my hair!

    Of course, now I want more! :-)

    Any idea how I can get Slitaz to modprobe mac80211 and ath9k (for my WLAN card) automatically at startup?

    Also, how do I get it to automatically mount my USB drive (sdc1)?

    Please feel free to tell me to stop asking so many questions! :-)
  • NoxyNoxy January 2010

    add in your syslinux.cfg

    append initrd=/ubninit rw root=/dev/null lang=en kmap=us screen=1024x768x24 autologin home=sdc1

    and mac80211 is automaticaly up and sorry for my english i m french

  • DevDev January 2010
    Thanks for the reply! Didn't work though!

    Here's what I'm trying to do. I load Slitaz from my USB thumb-drive. After logging in, I have to "mount /dev/sdc1 /media/flash" every time to access the drive. I was hoping there was some way I could automate this in the startup.

    About the mac80211. My laptop's -- an Acer Aspire -- WLAN card (Atheros) is not recognised by Slitaz until I enter the following after booting up:-

    modprobe mac80211
    modprobe ath9k

    I've created a script for the above -- but have to load my USB-drive before I can run it! Was hoping that there's some way to automate both the mounting of the drive and loading of the mac80211 and ath9k modules. There has to be! :-)
  • GokhlayehGokhlayeh January 2010
    You can find more information about boot options here :

    You can try :

    append initrd=/ubninit rw root=/dev/null lang=en kmap=us screen=1024x768x24 home=/dev/sdc1 modprobe=mac80211,ath9k autologin

  • slicelslicel January 2010
    Modprobe modules at boot by adding modules to /etc/rcS.conf.

    I think there are tazpkgs that will automount drives.

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