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Kernel Config
  • cpcnwcpcnw October 2009
    Pretty sure the kernel source will build a default copy *during the installation process* !!
  • cpcnwcpcnw October 2009
    On the old forum there was a post about how to create a custom kernel.

    Can anyone post that back here?

  • yaka33yaka33 October 2009
    As i remenber you have to instal the following packages :
    slitaz toolchain

    To modify the kernel configuration:
    $ cd /usr/src/linux-
    $ make menuconfig

    To build the kernel and the modules:
    $ cd /usr/src/linux-
    $ make bzImage && make modules

    To install the new kernel and the modules:
    $ make modules_install
    $ cp -a arch/x86/boot/bzImage /boot/vmlinuz-

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