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options on booting
  • lmartlmart October 2009

    Create a file called "/etc/TZ" containing:


    One called "/etc/locale.conf" containing:

    LANG = en_GB
    LC_ALL = en_GB

    and finally "/etc/keymap.conf" containing:


    SliTaz searches for those files and asks you if they're not found. I think ConfigureX needs the rc script to be edited, where sound card configuration can also be found.

    If you place those files in to /home/tux/rootfs/etc and use Tazlito to burn a new ISO, it'll keep the settings.
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    when slitaz boots, it asks about language, keymap and configurex options. how do you save these options to avoid re-entering on every boot?
  • lmartlmart October 2009
    thanks, will try and let you know how it goes

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