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How do you add time zones?
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    I am neither in London, Madrid, Moscow, Zurich, New York, L.A, or Mexico City. How do I add my time zone? The Control Box won't let me change it, either.
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    Well, I figured out (accidentally, by looking up my time zone on Wikipedia and finding a link) that SliTaz is running a program called zoneinfo, and that's how you go about dealing with time zones. I'm going about figuring out how to add one now, unless some more knowledgable forista wants to help me before then... ;) I think I need to compile something and that scares me.

    Also, clicking the "Change" button in Control Box isn't to make list or something else pop up, it's to make the changes you type into the text box "stick."
  • chompachompa December 2009
    im currently living in western australia and my time zone is +8:00 but i couldent seem to get it working either, when using UTF+8 or UTF+8:00 it added 8 mins onto the UTF time. im going to go back and have another crack i will let you know the results :D
  • chompachompa December 2009
  • chompachompa December 2009
    in controle box (after following instructions in handbook) the timezone in controlbox shows "Australia/Perth"

    handbook tfw
  • LuXLuX December 2009

    In addition to the documentation which explains how to synchronize your Slitaz system with a network time server, please note that you can add the command in the file /etc/init.d/ :

    rdate -s

    Since Slitaz runs this script at every boot (as explained at the bottom of the same documentation page) this will make your synchronization to this network time server permanent.


  • cavalier911cavalier911 December 2009
    Set the bios motherboard clock to UTC

    Australia/Perth is UTC+8

    as root echo "UTC-8" > /etc/TZ

    Find your timezone UTC offset if it's + enter it as -, if - enter as +

    America/Chicago is UTC-6
    echo "UTC+6" > /etc/TZ

    Logout and in to see change.

    tazusb writefs to survive reboot
  • vinylvinyl December 2009
    Why you pick UTC+6 for UTC-6 and UTC-8 for UTC+8 is one of those mysteries of Unix I'll never understand, but that's the way it seems to work.
  • pajamianpajamian October 2010
    Those won't work for daylight savings time changes. Best way is to install the glibc-locale package, then set the appropriate timezone in /etc/TZ (eg: Pacific/Auckland if you're in New Zealand). You can find all the time zones in the /usr/share/zoneinfo directory (after installing the above package).
  • kbhatkbhat September 2011
    Thanks guys, this is what I did for IST (India Standard Time):
    # echo "UTC-5:30:00" > /etc/TZ

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