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mplayer did not find dvd drive
  • rodrigorodrigo October 2009
    Xine would not play until I installed package for dvd block device.
  • rodrigorodrigo October 2009
    I'm trying watch some dvds on my machine, but I can't make mplayer open movies/shows dvd.
    Usualy the dvd drive is mounted in /dev/cdrom1 /media/cdrom1. I try to configure and reconfigure the path to dvd device on mplayer misc/preferences, but I'm stand still at the same place.
  • asimoasimo October 2009

    mplayer dvd://1
    mplayer dvd://2

  • core_dumpedcore_dumped October 2009
    Could you post the errors mplayer reports?
    Mplayer prints interesting debugging information.

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