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Asking for packages and understanding how they're maintained
  • Hello.

    I recently installed xfce4-plugin-wavelan from a deb package obtained from a deb repository and a xfce4-cpugraph plugin also from the same repository. I'd like to understand the mechanism for asking for a package to be included in the distribution and for its maintenance to be done. Are there any licensing issues we have to be aware of in these cases?

    Many thanks.
  • babaorumbabaorum April 2011
    Hi, can I suggest you to use the new forum as written on top of the pages here ?
    More and more people are subscribing there. ;-}


    — Babaorum
  • ErjoErjo April 2011

    No mechanism, just ask or do it yourself.
    Building packages is very easy with SliTaz.
    All GPL or copyleft software can be added. For non-free or binary stuff we usally make a get-* package which download software an build a pseudo(fake) package.

    And like said babaorum, please, switch to the new forum.


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