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Install packages
  • newusernewuser March 2011
    I have been trying unsuccessfully to get this option to run.

    # Install all packages in /home/boot/packages. In live CD and
                # USB mode the option home= mounts the device on /home, so we
                # already have a boot directory with the Kernel and rootfs.
                if [ -d "/home/boot/packages" ]; then
                    for pkg in /home/boot/packages/*.tazpkg
                        tazpkg install $pkg

    I want to keep slitaz as small as possible and then add the modules I want at start time, it's does not seem to work
  • babaorumbabaorum March 2011
    What error is given ?
  • newusernewuser April 2011
    No nothing
  • babaorumbabaorum April 2011
    Then the script has worked as it was intended to do; maybe your "if" condition did not get true.
    (besides, you have forgotten the closing "fi")
    Is your directory really existing ?

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