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HOWTO install to HDD needs to be looked over...
  • sourcenemysourcenemy March 2011
    Hi im new here and just now finally manage to install slitaz to my HDD.
    and tbh the howto i found somewhere around here was just terrible....
    i booted livecd from USB and ofc when tryin to use the installer it said not found since it goes on auto to cdrom which i wasnt using.
    (might be a good idea to set it up so you can choose where to look fir the file needed??)
    then it said somewhere that if i was having problem loading cdrom(which ofc i had since i was on USB!) it said to copy to /media/cdrom..sure ill do that.....ohh wait thats a livecd temp dir with ONLY read-only!!!
    ok im fresh with linux been at it for 2 weeks but pls explain how one is suppose to copy anything to a read-only dir?
    my first linux install was a pure sourcebased distro that ran command line only and i manage to install that...
    ended up hving to use my last cd-r i had at home (that i was saving) to burn a file thats 30mb just to be able to install this distro to my hdd......................
    second: either upgrade the repo for firefox 4 or atleast make a newbie HOWTO on how to get it installed.
    found a post on the forum with a dl link for a newly made package with it so wen and dl it. but then it just said "do a normal tazpkg install firefox-4.0.tazpkg" ok for fresh linux user wtf does that mean? ok so i knew kinda what was ment so i opened terminal typed it in and woohoo that good old no such file or directory....... heres a hint post a HOWTO for basic single installs like : go to the folder where the downloaded file is with cd /directory/directory and so on the full path is needed with the cd command when it says : root@bla/bla/bla# your in the right directory once in there run the tazpkg command, maybe even a step by step guid on how to copy a file in terminal from one directory to another couse i can promise you fresh users that maybe max been tryin ubuntu and such havent got a clue how to do that stuff.

    Stay safe //Sourcenemy
  • sourcenemysourcenemy March 2011
    maxed out on first post heres next:

    third: getting flash player to work needs a HOWTO also. i located it in the package manager hit install package bom done....NOT ...still no go so went back clicked it again and yes its now marked as installed but i opened it again and guess what? under file description box you now have a plain "install" button next to the others.... so i klicked that and once again terminal installed flash player (for the second time) and yes now its finally working.

    Stay safe //Sourcenemy
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    Wow, You really went out of your way to read the Documentation on your desktop and all these fine HOW-TOs/Guides (yes, each link is about one of the things you have a gripe about). Hell, if you brothered to search the forum you would have seen me and OTHER people explain the steps of how to install using tazpkg install countless times.

    I'm sorry to say, but this is NOT Windows, where you can't even change the wallpaper or screen resolution besides max - got to LOVE Win7 Starter hey. This isn't even Ubuntu or PCLinuxOS, which are both super User Friendly, but kind of bloated and bulky. Pretty with features and effects that Windows is STILL trying to copy, but still bulky. If you want user friendly and one click solutions, they're the way to go.

    Now if you want powerful, lightweight and fast with a slight learning curve - then SliTaz is for you. I used to use Ubuntu for 2 years before SliTaz and 5 years of Linux. I learned more with SliTaz in a MONTH than I ever did in those 5 years. Yes it's hard sometimes, but it's worth it. Most Linux users have a large advantage over Windows users because they can use Both effectively.

    Just a warning though, coming on with a "Customer is always right" mentality when you don't pay a sent will only get you ignored or flamed.
  • babaorumbabaorum March 2011
    Wow, you impressed me Trixar, I did not even manage to entirely read the first paragraph... err, message. :P
    (I tried to, though)

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