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Accessing Java plugin from additionnal Firefox distributions
  • babaorumbabaorum March 2011
    I'm running SliTaz 3.0 stable with Firefox 3.5.7.
    I also installed a Firefox distribution in 3.6.x and in 4.x version. I downloaded the tarball from official Mozilla website, untared them into an "apps" subfolder in my home, running them by accessing their "firefox" respective binary ($HOME/apps/firefox-3.6/firefox and $HOME/apps/firefox-4/firefox).

    I installed Java on my machine with java-6-jre and then icedtea6-jre (not sure this one was absolutely necessary).
    Java plugin does exist and is recognized and usable in native 3.5.7 Firefox distribution, but *not* in my additionnal local Firefox distributions.
    Then I made a "plugins" subfolder in each distribution folder and made a symbolic link to the plugin: -> /usr/lib/java/jre1.6.0_17/plugin/i386/ns7/ (as it was already done for system-wide Firefox distribution in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and /usr/lib/firefox-3.5.7/plugins.
    Each link belongs to root:root and has all permissions on: chmod a+rwx.
    Of course, the original plugin file (in /usr/lib/java/[...]) has right permissions too (same as above).

    What else should I do ? Is it known to be able to work ?

  • mojomojo March 2011
    I  link to to activate java plugin in chromium.
  • babaorumbabaorum March 2011
    Hi mojo, I did not found any file on my system so I could not test your hack.
  • arsaberarsaber March 2011
    Hi Babaorum,
    I installed FF4 manually (following your own precise and precious post about this thread), but did not use your scripts about spliting profile (no need).
    In ~/.mozilla/plugins>
    # ln -s /usr/lib/java/jre1.6.0_17/lib/i386/
    works for me.
    (the same for Opera but in /usr/lib/opera/plugins)

    On slitaz for 3 months, Linux newbie, I'm still amazed by the achievements of this distro. Congrats and thanks to the dev community, and to all the experienced users who share their tips and hacks on this forum.

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