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error starting with slitaz home=sda
  • seadx6seadx6 March 2011

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    Hello all I need a hi priority help that’s my problem: when I enter in Slitaz cooking version 10101104 live USB with the Slitaz command (normal boot) goes well and get the desktop but when I reboot my data is gone and when I boot agin and enter the command Slitaz home = sda starts well and start slim ask me for my user and password in this part runs well, but then when I log and Supposedly start X the screen is black and not see the desktop or anything, before that I go to text mode it ask me aging the user write Tux and next I write startx to start X and get a fatal error. Somebody can tell me how I can fix it? I need the persistence mode to keep recorded my files and I can not do it (My USB is fat32 its nesesary for Slitaz live USB install) Help me please

  • slicelslicel March 2011
    If the usb key is ok, you could re-install on an ext3 partition with /home set properly.
  • seadx6seadx6 March 2011
  • seadx6seadx6 March 2011
    ift I use the home=usb what will hapend

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