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xvesa - keyboard shortcuts?
  • CQ1STCQ1ST March 2011
    hi, I'm using 3.0 xvesa and I've got no keyboard shortcuts 'at all' (not even ctrl-alt-del)

    how can I enable these please? I really want to shortcut terminal, web-browser etc.
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za March 2011
    Maybe using xbindkeys? You'll have to compile it though since there is no xbindkeys package in SliTaz stable at the moment. You'll need the slitaz-toolchain and guile-dev packages for that. Good luck ;)

    (Yep, I did try converting over the debian package earlier - didn't work and was kind of an dependacy nightmare :( - btw remember to use ./configure --prefix=/usr)

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