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Dell Wireless 1370 mini-pc card
  • terrapin231terrapin231 March 2011
    Hi, anyone have any tips on enabling wireless on a dell inspiron 8500? The card is a dell 1370 mini-pci card. I'm booting from a liveUSB with 3.0 cooking and have very little linux experience. I've checked the slitaz "easy wifi" doc but I'm having trouble trying to establish whether a wireless module has been loaded. b44 is mentioned but is this wireless or ethernet controller? If latter then no wireless mod has been loaded and wifibox (native in cooking 3.0) doesn't find anyone network to connect to. It is set to auto-connect to "any". I do have wired connection working. Would be grateful for any help. If I get wireless working, can I get it to persist on the USB stick? As I say, I'm a linux novice. I really would appreciate some help to get wireless up and running. If it's of any help, I have XP and Ubuntu  on a dual-boot from HD and both worked out of the box re. wireless.

    Grateful thanks in advance
  • terrapin231terrapin231 March 2011
    Thanks for that Mojo. Seems my module should be a b43 and following installation of b43 firmware and loading of b43 module I had networks detected and visible in wifibox. I configured connection to my own but soon after everything disappeared and I had no wired connection either so a reboot was needed. I'll have to follow the link you have kindly provided in more depth. Thanks again for the link.
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    At least you can detect but your /etc/network.conf connection settings might be wrong.  Wired is normally eth0 but sometimes my wifi would work only by taking eth0.

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