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  • grandagranda March 2011
    Hello, i'm trying to run winetricks but it ask for xmessage.
    Where i can find that?
    Can i use gxmessage? How?

  • slicelslicel March 2011
    You could try gxmessage in stable repos.  Install it and try winetricks again.

    The xorg-xmessage is only in cooking repos.  You could try to download xorg-xmessage and install it locally.

  • grandagranda March 2011

    I ran 
    tazpkg set-release cooking

    And now tazpkg dont work, lol
    If i run
    tazpkg check package
    It give me a big list os errors

    And if i run tazpkg recharge it ask for libcrypto

    In the slitaz packages manager all packs seems to be installed ò_ó
    What should i do?

    I think that ran tazpkg set-release cooking was not a good idea ;/
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    You made a logical choice from the guide's description but I do not know what set-release is supposed to do and why it does not work.

    I also cannot find the cooking repos url to download xorg-xmessage.

    I also do not see on the website if the cooking packages iso has xorg-xmessage.

    If you were to get xorg-xmessage on your hd, you could run the "local" directions from the guide.

    Even then, the cooking package might not work on stable.

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