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Partitioning the hard drive
  • Spyro543Spyro543 March 2011
    I want to create a partition for SliTaz on my computer, I really like it. Better than Windows. But I have a problem: GParted won't let me create more than 4 partitions on my computer, and there are already 4. I have 2 hard drives built in, that takes up 2. Then there are 2 more partitions: RECOVERY and SYSTEM. Uh, what can I do?

    There are 2 drives, C: and D: (sda3 and sda4). C: contains Windows, while D: contains all of my videos, music, and programming projects but it also contains some system software so I'm wary about combining the sda3 and sda4 partitions. What can I do without Destroying Windows or losing some system software and projects?
  • Spyro543Spyro543 March 2011
    In case anyone is wondering why I want to keep winodws is becuase Game Maker 8 Pro is installed on WIndows.
  • slicelslicel March 2011
    Create an extended partition to sub-divide into logical partitions.

    You could see if game maker runs in wine instead of windows.
  • Spyro543Spyro543 March 2011
    About extended partitions, how would I go about making one?
  • ChristopheChristophe March 2011
    i would backup D: on an external hard drive then delete the partition, then use gparted to create a new extended partion in the  freeed space then create there 3 partitions
    1 ntfs or fat to put back the video that wehre on d: (will be d: still, once everything is set up)
    1 for / (i would put 3 GB for that)
    1 for /home (I would put 5 GB for that)
    1 for the swap space (dependds on the size of your ram, 1 or 2 GB i guess

  • Spyro543Spyro543 March 2011
    Yes, that would work but what about Windows? Not that I like it or anything, I am currently using SliTaz, But just wondering. Could I change my boot order so whenever the hard drive is plugged it it boots from that? :/
  • ChristopheChristophe March 2011
    yes. WIth Grub.

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