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shutdown/boot trouble
  • OldGuyOldGuy February 2011
    Hi, after using the LiveCD as well as a PXE boot version of Slitaz 3.0 I went ahead and installed Slitaz 3.0 on a partition of my notebook as well as in a vm of VirtualBox.

    The first thing I noticed was the
    Starting udev daemon....    [ Failed ]
    message during the boot process, which seems not to be there if the rootfs of any flavor iss used as an initrd file.

    I could fix that one by moving the section which starts udevd in /etc/init.d/rcS behind the sections which checks, remounts the fs read-write and mounts all filesystems in /etc/fstab.
    (ticket opened and patch send to the labs)
    I'm also still wondering why udevd has to be started at this point as there are already multiple instances of udevd running at this time. 8-/

    Nevertheless, while the installation within the VM seems to operate normal, the installation on the HDD (and only on the HDD) has a problem during shutdown.
    During the shutdown procedure, I'll get the following messages on the screen:
    Killing all processes...
    Remounting rootfs read only...udev: starting version 150
    mount: mounting /dev/root on / failed: Device or resource busy
                                                                                                                [ Failed ]
    Unmounting all filesystems...
    umount: can't remount /dev/root read-only
    umount: can't remount rootfs read-only
    In the end the system will shutdown or reboot, but complains during the next start about a 'not cleanly unmounted filesystem.
    Checking filesystems on : /dxev/hda2
    Slitaz was not cleanly unmounted, check forced.
    Slitaz: ***** REBOOT LINUX *****
    Slitaz: 6832/98496 files (0,1% non-contiguous), 45893,393216 blocks
    Remounting rootfs read/write

    Occasional, this will also lead to a corrupt file system up to the point where I need to reinstall the whole system.

    Any ideas??

  • mojomojo February 2011
    I suspect udevd being restarted when it's already running and restarted when it should be shutdown by interactions of slitaz-boot-scripts (/etc/init.d/rcS , /etc/init.d/rc.shutdown,/etc/init.d/rc.functions)is cause of both problems.

    If I remove slim from /etc/rcS.conf LOAD_DAEMONS or add screen=text bootcode so we boot to console then poweroff or reboot, shutdown is clean and there is no udev: starting version 150 following Remounting rootfs read only ...
    If I start xorg with either slim or startx and either shutdown or ctrl+alt+bkspc to kill xorg before shutdown, udev: starting version 150 appears with failed umount.

    This udev:starting version 150 on shutdown is the likely cause and it only does this if xorg was started or start/killed prior to shutdown.

    Hope you can squash the bug...

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