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install equinox gtk engine
  • dzon65dzon65 February 2011
    How does one install the equinox gtk engine. Used to ubuntu. So, downloaded the tar, unpacked it, cd to path, ./configure, make, make install?
    In this particular case, there wasn't any make file. Merely curious how to do it. I could get the deb file and convert it of course, but dunno how and read the the deb to tazpkg converting isn't always a good option.
  • mojomojo February 2011
    Make is a program which in slitaz is installed with slitaz-toolchain.tazpkg
    Equinox gtk engine is for metacity/gnome.
    Slitaz is small lightweight fast, it has no metacity/gnome.
  • dzon65dzon65 February 2011
    Too bad. Was hoping to get that one installed. One question though, the other gtk engines are also "made" for metacity/gnome, yet those are in the package-manager?
  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    Well, LXDE (of which SliTaz uses parts) and XFCE both have (some) GTK engine support. Not complete support though and there is actually a small bug with SliTaz's clearlooks engine (not noticeable, but if you see red slip in where it shouldn't be then that's the bug). I've tried a Debian to SliTaz gtk engine package conversion once and it didn't work all that well.

    Like mojo said, you'll need to install the slitaz-toolchain package to compile and install the package manually. You may also require extra packages (normally the package and it's *-dev package) that should be listed either in the README or INSTALL file.
  • dzon65dzon65 February 2011
    Okay, gonna have a look at it.

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