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ot: who is slitaz?
  • michaelkbischofmichaelkbischof February 2011
    Hallo Everybody,

    for a school project I would like to get an idea who constitutes Slitaz. I am not interested in names. According to my present opinion it has a Swiss-French origin, enriched with some Englisch and/or American flavours, but still holds a European focus. Right?
    Are the people who build and run it
    - mainly IT-professionals or motivated amateurs that got educated over the time?
    In some few threads I found nice and quick support but unfortunately these guys do not respond to private mail via this forum.
    So I have to out myself: I am a gymnasium teacher for biology and geography from a provincial town close to Frankfurt in Germany. I am passionale IT-amateur who admits to learn technical things only to the very amount that is unavoidable to get the things that I want. Therefore Linux is much easier for me, whatever complicated the details may be, as it has an own logic which I miss totally in the Microsoft environment. I learned quick that DOS is a kind of Pidgin English borne from Unix with the aim of vendor-lock-in.

    May you help me to obtain an idea who Slitaz is?

  • michaelkbischofmichaelkbischof February 2011
    No answer, as well from some PM sent with this forum software from my Profile account.
    Anything wrong with this question? I am curious! ;-)


  • ErjoErjo February 2011

    It is quite hard to answer to your question.
    I think slitaz is built by both IT-professionnals and  amateurs.
    We make our best to make it easier for everyone. Because even IT-professionnal like simple things which works well.

  • Trixar_zaTrixar_za February 2011
    Who SliTaz will always be a hard question to answer like Erjo said. It's made up of many different personalities and expertise.

    Now if you asked who first created SliTaz - that would be Christophe Lincoln. He's known as pankso here on the forums. SliTaz celebrated it's 5th birthday a couple of weeks ago and SliTaz 1 came out nearly 4 years ago, so it's relatively young all things considered. To paraphrase pankso's words, he originally created SliTaz out of the desire to have a distro that was robust, fast and simple.

    At the moment there are a couple of developers working on SliTaz - most of which can be seen @ - some not so easy to spot. All in all, it's the combined effort of many that gives us SliTaz as it is now and any future versions. So far I think they're doing a pretty good job and it's living up to Christophe's dream quite well. Somehow a forth objective got born out of the previous 3. SliTaz now strives to be flexible as well as stable, robust and fast. Flexible to be what we want it to be.

    Every bit helps too. So if you can help out, please don't hesitate to add something. Even if it's something as simple as a bug report or answering a forum post. In the end it's us who shape this distro and since we're so small a community, each our contributions has a large impact.

    Sorry if I got a little side tracked and way off topic there, but that's what I think about who and what SliTaz is :P

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